Portraits that last a life time

Children grow up so fast and while they are doing it, it is near impossible to get them to stand still for a moment.
It is so important for you to live in the moment, so why not share that moment with them?
Have me photograph you special little ones before they have their own little ones.
You will blink and they will be all grown up.
You will blink and they will be off in the world.
Time for you to treasure those little moments.
Time to exist in beautiful portraits with your little ones.

My Little Shadow by Dianne R. Newsom

My little shadow my little shadow my little shadow and me
My little shadow was always one step behind you see
My little shadow with her long blonde flowing hair
No matter how many times I looked my little shadow was there

She would roam outside to play but not for long
Little shadows moms quite time was gone
My little shadow would creep into my bed at night
My little shadow would kiss and hold me so tight

I turned around one day to find my little shadow was gone
But I still have the memories of my little shadow to hold on
Mom enjoy your little shadows before they to are gone
It is truly sad when there’s no more little shadow to tag along

My little shadow as I have watched you grow
My dear little shadow where did you go
My precious little shadow you are now grown
My little shadow now has two shadows of her own