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Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a mini photo session for Mothers Day 2019 or a full hair and make-up session followed by portraits where you are guided into your posing and based on the Central Coast NSW? Why not call up and organise your photo session… Read More

Family photographs

Family photographs are so special they capture that moment in time and preserve them forever. Photographs are something worth investing in for yourself and future generations. Memories that last a life time. Get the family together and we will all go to a place that… Read More

Non traditional portraits

Did you know we can do a portrait session that is anything but traditional. We can have you actively hanging out in an area that gives you great joy. Below are a series of photographs I captured of Thaddeus and his Opa, Maarten. A moment… Read More

The gift of prints

We live in a society where more photographs have been taken than ever before but do we print them? Often the answer is no. I know that even I as a mum have struggled from time to time to make sure that my children exist… Read More

Kids, kids, kids

Kids love to be in photographs. Some days they will want to make your life hard but that is why you hire me right? I love working with kids and seeing their personalities shine. Some days it might take a little while for them to… Read More

All you have

One thing I have come to discover is how beautiful portraits are. They may not always mean the most at that moment in time but there will come a day that they mean the world. ¬†When someone you love dearly passes you look for their… Read More