Photo Sessions

You have come across my website, Instagram, Facebook or been referred by a friend, wonderful.
Fallen in love with the photographs you have seen appear across these platforms?
Are you now wanting some of your own?
How about creating your dream shoot?
You’re picturing yourself in a relaxed home studio setting or maybe the beach or somewhere in the bush for your portraits.
You make a phone call or send an email through.
We organise your photo session, you know the prices, you know that at the end you would love beautiful prints.
The excitement builds as you start to get ready for your photo session.
Creating a vision board from images you have seen across my website of photographs that you love and would like similar concepts.
You book your session and start to get excited this is happening.
Yay, a reason to get those beautiful outfits out that you love so much but struggle to find somewhere special to wear them.
Time to get you hair cut done and maybe coloured, your nails all pretty.
You are feeling great.
It is time to come in for your photo session, we do your hair and make-up.
Standing in front of the camera, you feel nervous but excited.
You are not sure what to do, that is okay you are being told how to pose.
Feel strange holding that position but she shows you the back of the camera and WOW you look AMAZING.
As time goes on you start to really relax and are having a great time.
Changing looks into another outfit.
Feeling beautiful and totally fabulous.
Your photo session is finished, time to go out for the evening because feeling fabulous, you totally need to embrace it.

Time to come back in for your photo reveal session.
You are loving the images you see.
Wanting to buy them all.
Sorting through and organising which ones you would love to purchase and your printing sizes and even looking at getting one framed for that special spot on your wall.
You pay for it, oh the excitement.

The call that your prints are all ready to be picked up.
You love them.
Time to take them home and put them in the frames or hang them on the wall.

You smile, it was all worth it.

Telling your friends about Hannalise Paris Photography and your experience.
You receive a $50 gift card towards a print from that photo session or towards your next one after your friend also booked a session. The gift that keeps on giving.

Full expereince Photography by Hannalise

You are wonderful and totally fabulous.
You deserve to exist in beautiful portraits.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ― Dr. Seuss